Portal 2 Review

Portal 2 was recently released and I must say, it’s a total hit! The standalone game will set you back the price of a full game. Is it worth it or is this just a rental? Find out for your self, for science.

Portal was a puzzle game was released in 2007. The game was part of a bundle package called The Orange Box and was just one game out of five. Needless to say it was a huge success. So much so that people wanted more and was latter released as Portal: Still Alive which included 14 more puzzles and was sold as a standalone game. Flash forward to today, Portal 2 is released and I must say, it’s a blast! The game recently came out and is a single standalone game with a sixty dollar price tag.

Is this game worth the buy or is this a rental? Here’s the scoop.

The Story
The campaign this time is longer and is a lot more plot oriented, but it doesn’t get to deep. The story is simple really: You’re back as Chell from the first game only it’s been many years later. All you want is to escape Aperture Science, but you have to go through their test chambers. Along the way you run into a bot named Wheatley, who’s more than willing to assist you. All is going according to plan then BAM! Conflict (no spoilers here kids). Test chambers get more difficult and the campaign goes for another half before closing with a bang.

Along the way you will hear some AMAZING voice acting. As well as some hilarious lines that will have you laughing out loud. No Joke, I’ve never laughed so much during a game. Simply put, the writing team really outdid themselves and put something together that has you grinning ear to ear.

Well done. Here come the test results: ‘You are a horrible person.’ That’s what it says. We weren’t even testing for that.

Play the Game Doc
It’s easy to play this game. If you know how to handle a controller you will have no issues walking around solving puzzles. The fact is that these puzzles are just fun to solve. They never get too hard nor reach hair pulling status; you always feel good after solving a puzzle. There isn’t anything too different from the first game with the exception of different sorts of special goo that do everything from making you bounce off surfaces to making you run really, really fast. When these are introduced the game get’s that extra oomph you’ve been waiting for.

Portal 2 co-op
Atlas and P-Body take on GLaDOS

The More the Merrier
Multi-player, finally! You get to play either online or locally with a friend. This isn’t the same story as the single player mode, this is something completely different. New story, new characters, new equally challenging puzzles. Even the writing is superb. The multi-player is just about as long as the single player, which is just awesome.

The Bad Parts – Loading…
Okay, this game isn’t perfect. The game suffers from repetitiveness. The levels start to blend together and all start looking alike after a while. The second half reinvigorates the pace, but quickly slows back down until the end. Speaking of slowing down…

The loading in this game is awful! It’s not that it takes forever to load a level, it’s that it’s always loading. Seems like every  5-10 minutes the game is loading. There is a part in particular where you are running for your life, walls are crashing down, fire seems to be chasing you, the music is intense. Then out of no where, “Loading…” A brutal 20-30 second loading screen that completely pulls you away from the action. This is absolutely terrible Valve. There’s no excuse for this, the technology has been around long enough to load more than one test chamber per load. In fact, I don’t remember it being this annoying in Portal 1.

Nevertheless, these issues don’t take much away from the total experience and it would be a shame for you to skip out on this bases on some minor (albeit annoying) negatives.

The Verdict
The issues in this game are nothing to the amount of enjoyment you will have playing this game. It’s definitely worth the buy. The game is jam packed with awesome sauce.

Portal 2 gets my recommendation. Go out, buy it. Then hit me up on Xbox Live for some co-op!

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