Goodbye Cable, Hello Internet!

We finally did it. After months of talking about it, Jo and I decided to cancel our cable and depend solely on the internet for our entertainment needs.

Good bye cable

Jo and I decided to cancel our TV cable and depend solely on the internet – coupled with Netflix & Hulu Plus – for our entertainment needs. Truth be told we don’t have the time to watch TV as much as we used to. We also tend to channel surf a lot with cable, but when we decide to watch either Netflix or Hulu Plus, we know exactly what we want to watch and how long it’ll take us.

The one thing I’m probably going to miss the most though is HBO. We’re definitely loosing some shows and networks, but what we’re loosing looks so small in sight of what we’re gaining. I’m sure we’ll be back to cable one day, but for now we’re going to enjoy more time together, read more books, enjoy the extra $130 out pocket, but most importantly we’ll be spending more time with our son.

Author: David

My name is David Becerra. I’m a software engineer living in LA. In my free time I play games, read zombie books, and try not to drive my wife crazy.

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