Battlefield 3 – Great Game. Stupid Servers

Battlefield 3 is a great game with some of the best online gaming experiences this year, yet they have some of the most frustrating server issues on the planet.

Battlefield 3 Cover

Battlefield 3 is a great game with some of the best online gaming experiences this year, yet they have some of the most frustrating server issues on the planet. It’s hard for me to imagine that a game like Battlefield 3 (Developed by Dice. Backed by EA) has ridiculous server issues. Like the multiplayer is offline on DAY ONE kind of ridiculous. Or NEVER being put in the same squad as my party. Even worse is when someone from my party is on the other team. The game is blast once I’m actually in a game with everything working! However, that’s like agreeing to having a great tasting cake with only a spoonful of shit as an ingredient.

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Goodbye Cable, Hello Internet!

We finally did it. After months of talking about it, Jo and I decided to cancel our cable and depend solely on the internet for our entertainment needs.

Good bye cable

Jo and I decided to cancel our TV cable and depend solely on the internet – coupled with Netflix & Hulu Plus – for our entertainment needs. Truth be told we don’t have the time to watch TV as much as we used to. We also tend to channel surf a lot with cable, but when we decide to watch either Netflix or Hulu Plus, we know exactly what we want to watch and how long it’ll take us.

The one thing I’m probably going to miss the most though is HBO. We’re definitely loosing some shows and networks, but what we’re loosing looks so small in sight of what we’re gaining. I’m sure we’ll be back to cable one day, but for now we’re going to enjoy more time together, read more books, enjoy the extra $130 out pocket, but most importantly we’ll be spending more time with our son.

Portal 2 Review

Portal 2 was recently released and I must say, it’s a total hit! The standalone game will set you back the price of a full game. Is it worth it or is this just a rental? Find out for your self, for science.

Portal was a puzzle game was released in 2007. The game was part of a bundle package called The Orange Box and was just one game out of five. Needless to say it was a huge success. So much so that people wanted more and was latter released as Portal: Still Alive which included 14 more puzzles and was sold as a standalone game. Flash forward to today, Portal 2 is released and I must say, it’s a blast! The game recently came out and is a single standalone game with a sixty dollar price tag.

Is this game worth the buy or is this a rental? Here’s the scoop.

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The Metal Gear Solid Soundtrack is a one way ticket to productivity and awesomeness! Suit up and and get ready to get some work done.

Meta Gear Solid
Rock out with Solid Snake

At the expense of revealing how much of a nerd I actually am, I have decided to share something with you today. Working to Metal Gear Solid tunes really makes me focus. Maybe it’s because it reminds me that if I don’t get something done in time the world as we know it would END!

Okay… maybe it’s not that bad.

In any case, here’s a playlist I’ve been dorkin’ out with all day…

Solid Snake is Back!

Machete – Epic in Every Way

So this movie was pretty bad ass. I had my doubts going into it as I thought that it would have been as terrible as Grindhouse (which I heard I was supposed to be bad, but who knows?). I was totally stoked by the end of Machete. Especially now that I know it’s going to be a trilogy.

There are some spoilers below, but nothing too compromising.

The story is all about Machete, an ex-federale who has his family murdered. He seeks revenge on the man who killed his loved ones. From there, he ends up in the States where he’s asked to off a Governor for a large sum of money. Turns out it was just a ploy to fram him, kinda obvious. Little did they know that this guy was a trained killer!

This movie does touch on the political issued of immigration. I really enjoyed this part and think everyone should pay attention to it. It was interesting to see Jessica Alba *cough* my ex *cough* as an INS agent going after her very people.

It’s definitely not for someone with a weak stomach. It’s not terribly gory, but there were parts that will make some cringe. Overall I thought the movie was fun. Go watch it if you ever want to find out what will happen if you F*ck with the wrong Mexican.