Goodbye Cable, Hello Internet!

We finally did it. After months of talking about it, Jo and I decided to cancel our cable and depend solely on the internet for our entertainment needs.

Good bye cable

Jo and I decided to cancel our TV cable and depend solely on the internet – coupled with Netflix & Hulu Plus – for our entertainment needs. Truth be told we don’t have the time to watch TV as much as we used to. We also tend to channel surf a lot with cable, but when we decide to watch either Netflix or Hulu Plus, we know exactly what we want to watch and how long it’ll take us.

The one thing I’m probably going to miss the most though is HBO. We’re definitely loosing some shows and networks, but what we’re loosing looks so small in sight of what we’re gaining. I’m sure we’ll be back to cable one day, but for now we’re going to enjoy more time together, read more books, enjoy the extra $130 out pocket, but most importantly we’ll be spending more time with our son.

Hulu Plus – Hit or Miss?

I recently got my Hulu Plus invite and have had some time to play around with it. My initial reaction was, “Sweet, now i can watch tons of hulu videos on my mobile devices!” — and yes, that’s exactly how I said it. I log in and sign up for the service. Then it hits me, I have to pay for the service. I figured, sure why not? I will be getting tons of new content that I can watch anywhere. So many episodes of shows from past seasons. So decided to pony up. I became an official Hulu Plus member.

I start by looking for one of my all time favorite shows, Arrested Development. When I find it I’m stoked to see that all the seasons are there. I click on an episode to start watching and there it is, a commercial. Why the hell did I just pay 10 bucks for a service that is still going to bug me with ads? Disappointed to say the least.

Something else that really irritates me is the fact that I don’t have access to watch all the free content on Hulu that’s available to everyone on their main site. So I’m paying for a service that doesn’t give me what’s already available.

However, I did find complete seasons of some of my favorite shows. The convenience of being able to watch some TV shows or movies from pretty much anywhere is pretty sweet. If I’m bored somewhere I can pop out my phone and watch some family guy. I can pick up from where I left off if I’m interrupted too.

Another thing to note is that the user interface is pretty sweet. On both the iPhone and the iPad I have had no bad experience, like getting lost in the menus or videos taking to long to load . I wish my Netflix app had such a nice experience. I think once they get more selections of movies and TV shows, the app will (and service for that matter) will be much, much better.

Overall I think Hulu Plus is a good thing to have around. It’s only 10 bucks per month, and the convenience of being able to watch from anywhere is pretty sweet. Using the apps is a breeze too, getting to the provided shows is easy. Sure there are some commercials, but I guess the reasoning behind is that you’re paying for your TV service too, commercials and all.

Try it out if you get an invite. Worst comes to worst, you loose 10 bucks. You can always cancel at any time.

24 Series Finale

Jack Bauer
Jack Bauer > Chuck Norris. BAM!

With all these series finales you would think that all I’m going to talk about here are TV shows. That is not the case. It’s just that all my favorite shows are ending. Tonight, 24 took the stage to give the last 2 hours of an era.

At first, I was sad to hear that 24 was cancelled, but it seems that it turned out for the best. The show immediately got better. The writers did an excellent job of closing out Jack’s story and TOTALLY set up the trilogy that will (supposedly) follow.

24 had it’s highs and lows like another show. It had everything from the ridiculous 10 minute drives across Los Angeles to the painfully predictable scenarios. Yet, 24 still intrigued me. There was a constant war between right and wrong, good and evil; not between two separate parties, but amid one individual and a situation. How far is too far?

24 had a great run, but all good things must come to an end. I hope they make a movie out of the show. There is definitely more story to be told.

Here’s to seeing you on the big screen Jack.

Beep, 10:59:57

Beep, 10:59:58

Beep, 10:59:59

Beep, 11:00:00

LOST Series Finale Was Perfect

LOST - Moving on and letting go
Letting Go

The perfect ending to an amazing show. The likes of which we’ve never seen. LOST is now over and I was happy to see how the show tied everything together. Simply Amazing. I couldn’t have asked for more.

There was an enormous amount of hype surrounding the ending. I was afraid for a bit that the ending wasn’t going to meet my expectations. I was wrong. The writers of the show surpassed my expectations and brought us an ending that was perfect for the show.

If they ever do a spin off, I’d like to see the Hurley/Ben years on the island after the events of the finale. It doesn’t have to be in TV format. Could be a movie, a book, or comic. A comic series would be awesome. What do you think?

That’s all folks!

We laughed, we cried, we scratched our heads in confusion. The show is over and I’m still taking it in. The more I think about the finale the more I realize how perfect it was. Now it’s time to let go and move on; the end is only the beginning.

See you in an other life brotha’…

LOST Case - Season 1
Goodbye LOST

LOST Series Finale

I can’t believe my favorite show is coming to an end. Definitely a bitter sweet moment. I’m so excited to see how it all turns out. I remember thinking during season 1 about who Adam and Eve were in the caves. Six seasons later, I find out. I’m sure the finale won’t disappoint.

I wonder if the writers were trying to tell us something is last weeks episode with “The answers lead to more questions”. They seem to have answered TONS stuff already, but there are still some open issues. For instance, where the hell Vincent? And why didn’t Michael yell, “WAAAALT!” the last time we saw him? That HIS line damnit!

The show is really over and I have no idea what I’m going to do after it’s all done. The obvious answer is to watch the show from the beginning to end over and over again. I guess every book has an ending…

Goodbye LOST!