Hulu Plus – Hit or Miss?

I recently got my Hulu Plus invite and have had some time to play around with it. My initial reaction was, “Sweet, now i can watch tons of hulu videos on my mobile devices!” — and yes, that’s exactly how I said it. I log in and sign up for the service. Then it hits me, I have to pay for the service. I figured, sure why not? I will be getting tons of new content that I can watch anywhere. So many episodes of shows from past seasons. So decided to pony up. I became an official Hulu Plus member.

I start by looking for one of my all time favorite shows, Arrested Development. When I find it I’m stoked to see that all the seasons are there. I click on an episode to start watching and there it is, a commercial. Why the hell did I just pay 10 bucks for a service that is still going to bug me with ads? Disappointed to say the least.

Something else that really irritates me is the fact that I don’t have access to watch all the free content on Hulu that’s available to everyone on their main site. So I’m paying for a service that doesn’t give me what’s already available.

However, I did find complete seasons of some of my favorite shows. The convenience of being able to watch some TV shows or movies from pretty much anywhere is pretty sweet. If I’m bored somewhere I can pop out my phone and watch some family guy. I can pick up from where I left off if I’m interrupted too.

Another thing to note is that the user interface is pretty sweet. On both the iPhone and the iPad I have had no bad experience, like getting lost in the menus or videos taking to long to load . I wish my Netflix app had such a nice experience. I think once they get more selections of movies and TV shows, the app will (and service for that matter) will be much, much better.

Overall I think Hulu Plus is a good thing to have around. It’s only 10 bucks per month, and the convenience of being able to watch from anywhere is pretty sweet. Using the apps is a breeze too, getting to the provided shows is easy. Sure there are some commercials, but I guess the reasoning behind is that you’re paying for your TV service too, commercials and all.

Try it out if you get an invite. Worst comes to worst, you loose 10 bucks. You can always cancel at any time.

Totally Kick-Ass!

Oh Wow! How in the world did I miss this little gem? Probably one of the coolest comics I’ve read in a while. Kick-Ass – by Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr. – is a comic made movie that has an interesting protagonist, a strong story, and one of the coolest characters around: Hit-Girl!

Without giving too much away: the story starts off simple enough, there’s a kid who’s tired of his mediocre life. He wonders why no one has tried being a real life super hero and decided that he would be the first. He buys his costume from eBay and starts patrolling the streets. Needless to say, things don’t go as planned. He winds up in the hospital where he spends months recovering. One thing Mark Millar does really well is bring the comic into a realistic world, our world. I’m curious to see what would really happen if someone decided to dress up and start keeping our streets safe; I imagine something similar would take place.

I must confess that I did this backwards. I saw the movie before I read the comic. As you might suspect, the comic is way better than the movie. I thought somethings were explained a lot better, while others really caught me off guard (Big Daddy’s backstory). There are somethings that are COMPLETELY different in the comic than the movie. I’ll just say that there doesn’t seem to be such a happy ending for Dave, our main character. I didn’t expect the movie be just like the book, but there are parts that are completely different. It’s a lot darker than you’d think.

If you dig comics then do your self a favor and get a copy of Kick-Ass, you won’t regret it! If you haven’t watched the movie, read the books first. I honestly can’t wait for the sequel that’s supposed to start rolling out next month!

I’m not calling this a review by any means, I just wanted to write down some thoughts without giving anything away. I hate spoilers.

Not in the Mood

So I’ve been working pretty hard over the last few months. Doing so much in such a small period of time is not something I like to make a habit of. However, over the last few months I have looked for a place live, moved to said place, worked on freelance projects after regular work, and had a wisdom tooth pulled. All while negotiating at work for a fulltime position and searching the market for other leads.

Things are going that make me describe what I do at work. This always seems awkward to me. First of all, you have to describe your job to someone in specifics. Second, you have to tell them that you’re really good and experienced at what you do. Lastly, you have to tell them why you deserve more money for what you’re already doing. Feels a bit arrogant.

One of the reasons I haven’t updated any of my blogs – besides the fact that I’ve been super busy – is because I’m simply not in the mood to be in front of the computer anymore than I already have to be. I spend all day and night working (or playing) in front of a screen and I’m getting sick of it to be quite honest. I feel like I need an out doors kind of vacation. A camping trip, a beach trip or any thing to get me away from technology for a couple of days.

Someone told me that I’d get tired and bored with work once I’ve been doing it for a while. I don’t want this to happen. I need to keep growing and learning as a developer, as I don’t want my passion to become work. This is the main reason why I gotta keep myself learning and working on personal projects. So I don’t loose sight of “the fun part” of my job.

I didn’t mean like sounding like such a Debbie Downer today. Sorry about that. I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I’ll be cheery as soon as I’m on the other side of this debacle.

AT&T Really Sucks

AT&T Sucks
AT&T Sucks!

So I’m an iPhone user. I love it! It does everything I want it to do the way I want it to do it. The only problem I have with it is that it’s restricted to AT&T. The worst cell phone carrier on the planet. Even worse is that the wireless carrier has exclusivity rights until 2012.

I want to leave AT&T, but I don’t have it as bad as some of my friends. For instance, my calls rarely ever drop. I almost always have reception and I have an old plan that they don’t offer anymore – I came in from Cingular so I pay $50 plus $10 for an extra line. I would be paying much more had I signed up recently.

I was really irked by AT&T’s new data plans. It’s a step in the wrong direction and am not sure what the hell they’re thinking. They’re going from UNLIMITED data for $30 to 2GB for $25 or $15 for 200MG. That’s just pathetic. Worse yet, they are going to charge you an additional $20 to tether those 2GB. This really pisses me off because they are going to charge you simply because you are connecting your phone to your computer. Dumb move.

AT&T's new data plans
AT&T's new data plans.

There isn’t an another phone that interests me enough to switch from my iPhone. In my opinion, it’s the best phone in the market. However, AT&T is killing my iPhone experience.

I can’t wait until some other carrier has an iPhone with 4G.  WIN!

Red Dead Redemption – Tons of fun!

Red Dead Redemption
The wild west never looked so good.

I’ve been playing some Red Dead Redemption over the last couple days. I was a fan of GTA 4, but I’ve always felt felt the gameplay could be better. Enter Red Dead Redemption. The graphics are stellar. The gameplay is smooth. The voice acting and score is nothing short of spectacular. The wild west has never looked better.

The game is not perfect however. There are some major bugs that to me are inexcusable. This game wasn’t made by some no-name company. This is a product of Rockstar Games. Bugs like being turned invisible to being shot into the air (super jumping from the halo 2 days) should not happen in a game like this. Given, it’s rare that issues come up, but these are major issues and should not come up as often as they do.

Regardless of said issues, Rockstar did make a game that is stellar in almost every way. Red Dead Redemption is very enjoyable. There is a new red eye targeting system that slows down time and let’s you align your shots before you pull the trigger. It’s especially fun when you’re challenged to a draw. Try shooting the gun out of your target’s hand. So satisfying.


If you’re a fan of the GTA series then you definitely need to pick this game up. If not, do yourself a favor and rent this game. It’s tons of fun and it’ll give you an excuse to sit on your ass for a couple hours at a time.