Less stuff, more happiness

I need a fresh start, but it would seem there’s a lot less to it then what I had originally been thinking. Sometimes the simplest answer truly is the best one.

All That Matters
All That Matters

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about moving. Not just to down the street or over to the next city, but quite literally moving from one state to another. A fresh start.

The video below has got me wondering that maybe it’s not a physical change I seek, but a change in mind. I started thinking of all the boxes and clutter I have around the house. I have so many books and shoe boxes in storage collecting dust.

I find that as much as I buy things, as much as I keep things around; I’m never truly happy. Only when I choose to not focus on those things and have only my wife and son around do I find peace. Only then do I feel whole. Away from all the silly stuff that keeps me consistently distracted from what matters most to me. Continue reading “Less stuff, more happiness”