Machete – Epic in Every Way

So this movie was pretty bad ass. I had my doubts going into it as I thought that it would have been as terrible as Grindhouse (which I heard I was supposed to be bad, but who knows?). I was totally stoked by the end of Machete. Especially now that I know it’s going to be a trilogy.

There are some spoilers below, but nothing too compromising.

The story is all about Machete, an ex-federale who has his family murdered. He seeks revenge on the man who killed his loved ones. From there, he ends up in the States where he’s asked to off a Governor for a large sum of money. Turns out it was just a ploy to fram him, kinda obvious. Little did they know that this guy was a trained killer!

This movie does touch on the political issued of immigration. I really enjoyed this part and think everyone should pay attention to it. It was interesting to see Jessica Alba *cough* my ex *cough* as an INS agent going after her very people.

It’s definitely not for someone with a weak stomach. It’s not terribly gory, but there were parts that will make some cringe. Overall I thought the movie was fun. Go watch it if you ever want to find out what will happen if you F*ck with the wrong Mexican.